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Today we are looking at Looe in Cornwall.

People are submitting location write-ups, including this one about Looe, its history and what visitors can expect to see today. You can submit to promote Looe events, local businesses, attractions and property sales in the Looe area. People are also writing articles for submission into the Looe Magazine. Articles can be about Looe or maybe something that associated with Looe. Article submissions can also be about a topic that would appeal to a wider audience.

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Looe is a major tourist and fishing town in SE Cornwall. It conjures up the essence of Cornwall with its historic buildings and scenery to die for. ©John Pengelley ...

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Looe Directory

Purely Cornish

Purely Cornish

Savour the taste in Purely Cornish, the delicatessen located in the old bakery in Buller Street, Looe. Purely Cornish prides...

Website: Purely Cornish

Telephone: 01503 262 680

Looe Community School

Looe Community School has a remarkable location in east Looe and overlooks the river and the landscape beyond. The school...

Website: Looe Community School

Looe Property

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Looe Magazine

There are no local articles linked to Looe. Do you have a story to tell?

What's happening in Looe? Are there any famous people or important buildings?

Here are some articles with a ‘national’ coverage...

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Pluscarden Abbey Monks Profit From New Biomass Boiler

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Know About Deafness Solicitor Birmingham

Know About Deafness Solicitor Birmingham

Do you work or live in an environment where you are exposed to high levels of noise. If you are among few other employees who are constantly exposed to huge noise occurring due to machines or high levels of tools, then there are high chances that your ears can get damaged. So, you need some security for your future.

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Human beings ears are very sensitive, and therefore they can get damaged if rendered to high volumes and huge noises in the present environment and any type of damage may be noticed either immediately on site or in many cases, the affects may be noticed over a longer period of time. So, you need to be insured right now before it is too late.

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