LayStar Policies

LayStar (‘LayStar’, ‘our’, ‘we’ or ‘us’) will administer this site and any text or images that are published or submitted by users of LayStar (‘user’, ‘you’ or ‘your’) in accordance with this policy.


By ‘privacy’, we mean that data intended solely for the purpose of registration and establishing a session between a user and the LayStar web site is not shared with any other organisation or any other user of LayStar. The only permissible exception is an act of law that requires us to provide certain data that we hold to a law enforcing authority or body, subject to a law enforcing warrant specifically requesting information.


LayStar will uphold and strictly maintain privacy for data that you provide to us for the purpose of enabling us to communicate with you and to secure your LayStar registration. Data that falls under this description includes your:

Interacting with LayStar

Whether you register or not, LayStar sometimes collects data about the system that you use to interact with LayStar. We uphold and strictly maintain privacy for the data that we collect from you.

Why do we collect this information from you?

Browser types and versions are collected to support statistical reporting of web traffic to the LayStar web site. This helps us tune our testing strategy and deployment of resources, and it helps us improve our service to you.

We collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address for security purposes. In the event of inappropriate use or the submission of inappropriate material or a harmful attack directed at the LayStar web site we will either monitor or prevent further access for the offending IP address.

We use Cookies to store your ‘session’ information while you are interacting with the LayStar web site. This information enables our servers to maintain a memory map of your movements from one page to another (and back). The Cookie file is held in your temporary Internet files folder and is automatically destroyed within 24 hours of you completing your LayStar session. We do not use LayStar Cookies to track your activity on any other web site.

We use JavaScript locally within your browser to assist with the completion and submission of forms for such things as submitting text or images or registering and logging in or out. We check if your browser can support JavaScript and inform you that certain parts of the site cannot be accessed without JavaScript support.

Shared Privacy

LayStar is founded upon the submissions of text and images from its users. Therefore, most of what can be seen or read on the LayStar web site is not owned by LayStar.

We are not responsible for the accuracy and integrity of text or imagery submitted by LayStar users. We advise that you to be mindful of how any text submission is substantiated, whether it holds the subject in a good or bad prospective, and that you should not trust a text or imagery submission that is not substantiated appropriately.

We review text and imagery that is submitted by our readers. We specifically check and do not publish the following scenarios:

LayStar does not have to provide a reason for non-publication. A bad feeling about a submission can result in our refusal to publish. We do, however, try to give feedback to the submitter wherever possible, normally by email.

LayStar may also strike out certain words or phrases with asterisks or similar in a submission and publish it. For example, if we receive a submission that contains an email address or web address within the text, we may, at our discretion, replace the address with asterisks. We advise our users to exclude email and web addresses and phone numbers from their text submissions.


It is not permissible under copyright laws to publish any works without the written consent of its owner. When you submit text or imagery to us, you are giving LayStar your permission to publish the works you are submitting. If it is found at a later date that you are not the rightful owner of the text or imagery that you send to us, you could be prosecuted under copyright law.

How we Manage Copyright Works

LayStar is committed to uphold the ownership rights of material submitted to the site for the purpose of publication on LayStar web pages. We do this by demanding the name of the true owner of the material being submitted, whether submitting text or imagery. We advise submitters that LayStar does not support plagiarism (works passed off as belonging to Body A but actually owned by Body B). Any works, be it imagery or text, that we might have reason to believe has been copied without the consent of its rightful owner, will not be published. We actively advise and encourage submitters to provide their own material, be it text or imagery.

Images that are uploaded to the LayStar web site will have the owner’s name overlaid onto the image with a copyright (©) symbol, along with the words, ‘Published by’. Artwork sent to us by our commercial member advertisers will be presented as is.

Text uploaded and published on the LayStar site will have the text owner’s name with a copyright (©) symbol or the word, ‘Author’, written into the text.

The submission of any works will not be published where we believe that there could be an infringement of copyright law.

If you believe that there has been an infringement of copyright law for anything that we have published, please inform us initially using the ‘Contact Us’ link at the foot of LayStar pages. We will, in the event of you providing evidence of such an infringement, remove the works from the LayStar site. In line with our Terms of Use, we will not be liable to anyone, as we will have acted on the understanding that the person that submitted the works was the true owner or that the submitter had the true owner’s permission.


If you register as a member user of LayStar, we may email you from time to time, or as part of an action instigated by you on the LayStar web site.

We email you for the following reasons:

We endeavour to email you when we feel it is appropriate and not in a way that could be considered as spam.

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time and without notice.

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