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LayStar Locations is a site dedicated to the social involvement of those who wish to contribute and those who wish to read about UK towns, villages and cities and areas within cities. Information can be both historic and present-day, and can include such things as the effects of the industrial revolution, civil war, changes in religion and so on.

Here is a sample of what people are saying about the town their favourite British location...


Torpoint is a gateway town to and from south east Cornwall via a ferry crossing over the river Tamar. ©Tom Pledgemason ...

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Warwick is in the centre of England and is the county town of rural Warwickshire. Here you can find atmosphere and history dating back over 1000 years. There are fine examples of 14th century timber-framed buildings and Warwick Castle stands...

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Mousehole, pronounced Mouzel, is a beautiful south-coast Cornish village that deserves a visit if you are in the area. It has a lovely harbour with a sprinkling of shops, restaurants and, of course, a pub. ©Paul Harris ...

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Whether it’s the magnificent University, the grandeur of the Cathedral, the impression that Brunel has left or the draw that Banksy inspires, it’s all here at Bristol, the vibrant and multi-cultural city of the South West. ©Paul Michael ...

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Cambridge is of course famous for its unique university, but behind the academic façade, Cambridge’s roots go way back to pre-Roman times. ©Paul Michael ...

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Dorchester is a beautiful English town in Dorset that dates back to pre-Roman times. As well as its brewing industry, Dorchester relies on toursim and is a welcoming and friendly town to visit and stay. ©John Mead ...

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