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Luton - Bedfordshire

Postal Town: Luton (LU1)

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Luton, history and present-day details

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There is evidence of human development in the Luton area from around 7000 years ago, thanks to the remains of a ancient stone circle site. The Hutchinson Encyclopaedia states that Luton was known as Lygetune by the Saxons, as it was listed as Loitoine in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Luton was nothing more than a farming community and then later a small live-stock market town right up until the 18th century when, notably, the straw hat trade and brewing trade revolutionised the townsfolk and Luton's prosperity. The straw hat trade thrived well into the 20th century when it gave way to engineering.

Luton is now home to the motor firm, Vauxhall, which is a major employer, along with Luton Airport. However, it is also a town built on its beer brewing heritage with such names as Whitbread's Brewery, still a major British brewer and has been operating in Luton and Bedfordshire area for over 30 years.

Located today in the beautiful county of Bedfordshire and with stunning countryside in and around the Bedford Downs, Luton and its surrounding area is well worth a visit.

©Elaine Marsh

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