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Camborne - Cornwall

Postal Town: Camborne (TR14)

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Camborne, history and present-day details

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Situated in the west of Cornwall, Camborne is a medium sized town of approximately 23000 people. The population of Camborne town numbered about 2000 in 1820. With rich copper and tin deposits discovered just to the east of the town at Dolcoath and with better transportation links Camborne continued to grow. The town doubled in size to 4377 by the time of the 1841 Census, swelled by people seeking employment in the numerous mines.
In the late 18th and early 19th century, the government passed several Turnpike and Highways Acts with the result being that Camborne was accessible by the Great Turnpike by 1839. The former Bakehouse Lane was extended and forms part of what is now Trelowarren Street. Over the next ten years, the further expansion of the town was undertaken in two phases. The area around Camborne church (Camborne Churchtown) was owned largely by the Bassett\'s of Tehidy who continued their building programme along Bassett Road, Bassett Street and South Terrace; meanwhile the area to the east was part of the Trelowarren Estate of the Vyvyan family. This is when present day streets such as Centenary Street, Trevenson Street and Carnarthen Street were built.

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