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Lerryn - Cornwall

Postal Town: Lostwithiel (PL22)

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Lerryn is a quaint village in a beautiful corner of Cornwall, by the river Fowey. The village is built on a small rivulet of the Fowey and you can try your luck at crossing over the stepping stones!

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Lerryn, history and present-day details

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Lerrynís wooded walks are said to have inspired Kenneth Grahamís, The Wind in the Willows, along with the river Fowey and its rivulets up to and including Lerryn. The river is also the setting for many pages of great story-writers; Daphne Du Maurier and Leo Walmsley, to name but a few.

The little bridge over the rivulet was rebuilt at the request of Queen Elizabeth I in 1573. Just downstream of the bridge, there are stepping stones across the river, which can be accessed when the tide is fairly low.

The Red Store building was recently bought in 2003 with funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Once an important grain store dating back to 1870, it now serves its community as an important educational resource.

©David Harper

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