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Sennen - Cornwall

Postal Town: (TR19)

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Being the most westerly village in Cornwall, Sennen pub is appropriately named, The First and Last.

Sennen and all around it is breathtakingly beautiful and deserved of a visit. There are plenty of places to stay in the area, so make Sennen your next holiday destination

©Paul Michael

Sennen, history and present-day details

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Sennen or Sen-nan, means Holy Valley and St Sennan is the patron saint of the church. The parish isnít mentioned in the Doomesday survey of 1086, but the church is said to have been built by 1440

Sennen has served as a fishing village with fishermen setting sail from Sennen Cove, just down the road from the village. Sennen can be a bleak place where it stands on the granite cliff some 60 feet above the water, exposed to the westerly weather fronts. However, Sennen is known for its beauty during the summer season when Sennen and all around it are overcome by visiting holiday makers.

The attraction for visitors is mainly the beach at Sennen Cove. The sands are very light, almost white, colour, which creates the most beautiful aqua-blue hues of sea when looking down at the cove from the village. When the sun is beating down, it is like being in a tropical land far away.

Sennen has its own lifeboat station, which was awarded an Anniversary Vellum in 2003 to celebrate 150 years of life saving. It also has RNLI life guards on the beach during the summer months.

The First and Last Pub is an absolute must to visit. Take the family for an evening out and get fed and watered in one of Cornwallís most friendly and atmospheric pubs. Mind you donít fall into the well though!

©Paul Michael

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