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Truro - Cornwall

Postal Town: Truro (TR1)

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Truro is the Cathedral City capital of Cornwall. It is a bustling and proud city and owes its richness to its humble market town past.

Truro is always worth a visit if you are holidaying in the area. There are also plenty of hotels and guest houses in and around Truro to use it as a base to explore the delights of SW Cornwall

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Truro, history and present-day details

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Truro was established as a town at the point where three rivers (Tre-ru in Cornish) converge into the River Truro, which flows out into the River Fal and the Falmouth estuary.

Truro town has roots dating back to the 12th century, and by the 14th century it had become a major port for the shipping of tin and copper, mined in Cornwall.

Its first town status was granted by charter in the 12th century.

Truro has lived through turbulent times when the black death almost wiped out its existence. Thankfully, by the 16th century Truro was lively once more with its own Mayor. Queen Elizabeth 1st, granted rights to hold markets in the town.

Truro was a Stannery Town, which means that, in this case, tin was mined locally and brought to Truro to be assayed (weighed and valued). From this, the then Earl Richard of Cornwall (now the Duke of Cornwall) would take the taxes raised on tin.

Truro is a shipping port, although the site of the port has moved over its history from Victoria Square to Lemon Quay to the current Lighterage Quay.

Mine owners became wealthy in the 18th century when tin prices soared to an all-time high. Truro is adorned with the large houses and theatres built for the wealthy of that era.

Truro was declared a City in the late 19th century and its Cathedral was built on the grounds of a former parish church.

Truro sits in the heart of Cornwall and has, what must be, the shortest drive to so much coastline anywhere in the UK. Visit Cornwall\'s wealth of rugged and beautiful countryside and quaint villages and market towns. Just don\'t forget to strap a surfboard to the top of your car!

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