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Islington - Greater London

Postal Town: Islington (N7)

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Islington, history and present-day details

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Islington was once green roaming fields of pasture, supporting the main milk flow and dairy produce for the people of London. It is said that King Henry VIII hunted in the area when there were all but a few manor houses whose residents owned and farmed the land.

Islington's growth was quite rapid from the late 18th century where it became a desirable area to live in new dwellings amongst the rural back-drop, which was a popular weekend visit for many Londoners. With the rise in population came the need to entertain the crowds, and so theatres were built and Islington was a popular night spot in the 19th century. In the latter half of the 19th century and certainly into the 20th century, Islington started to decline. The older houses became slums, breeding poverty and ill-health.

The blitz was disastrous for London in WW2 with many lives lost. Islington was dramatically redeveloped like many areas of London and slums gave way to new housing estates.

Today Islington is a bustling Borough and residential area of London with thousands of visitors each year.

ŠJohn Harper

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