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Liverpool - Merseyside

Postal Town: Liverpool (L3)

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Liverpool, history and present-day details

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Liverpool, home to the Beatles, a fine football team and some great people.

Its name comes from the entrance to the River Mersey, which was once known as the Pool. Liver is thought to come from descriptions of this muddy inlet, such as 'Leifer'. The Pool was filled during the 1700s.

Liverpool is quite a new city relative to many English towns and cities. For example, there is no reference to be found in the Domesday Book. Possibly the fist reference is at the turn of the 13th century with connections to King John.

Liverpool's wealth and prosperity came from its position near the sea as a port and establishing its ship building and repair industry along the banks of the Mersey and the building of the Albert Docks (a museum today).

Visitors to Liverpool can expect both historical and memorabilia experiences. We have the Tate gallery, Albert Docks, an abundance of shops, theatres and such like, and, yes, of course, the Cavern Club and the Beatles. So, ferry across the Mersey, and come visit Liverpool!

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