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Perth - Perth And Kinross

Postal Town: Perth (PH1)

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Perth, history and present-day details

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Perth, the Fair City, is the county town of Perthshire in Scotland.

Perth gets its name from the Roman, Bertha, and from the Celtic 'Aber The', meaning 'Mouth of the Tay', the river that Perth was built upon.

Scone, near the city of Perth was, up until Scotland's union with England and Wales, the coronation place of Scottish kings and queens. So there has always been strong royal connection in Perth, which is often referred to as the ancient Scottish capital.

Perth was a centre for farming and some produce of the sea. Perth isn't particularly industrialised and remains relatively small in comparison with other industrialised cities. Trade in farming and sea produce have allowed Perth to prosper to as you see it today.

The city centre is largely pedestrianised and offers a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes.

ŠJohn Kelman

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