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Prepare Yourself For Your Last Minute Holiday

By Laura Elliott
2nd September, 2009

When it comes to booking last minute deals, you'll find that there are many pro's and con's. The thought of them sound fantastic, however they are not for everyone, especially not the faint hearted. If you're like me then forget it, you should book well in advance! I like to know when I'm going, where I'm going and for how long. I like being prepared and hate dashing around last minute trying to sort everything out. For instance;

Car Parking - Availability can go quickly so i book my car parking well in advance to ensure I get the best possible price, I'd hate to think I was turning up at the airport without having pre booked it and having to pay those horrific gate prices!

Travel Insurance - I always book my travel insurance the minute I've booked my holiday, I like to keep my insurance policy documents safe along with my holiday booking details, my passports, my car parking voucher etc. But if i'm booking it last minute i may not have enough time to receive the appropriate documents I'll need and then what will I do if anything happens and I don't have my paperwork?!

Holiday shopping - I think the prices of sun cream are extortionate, I mean, it's something we all need so how they get away with pricing it so high is beyond me. Anyway, it's best to compare prices of a few brands and check which shops have the best offers on and buy well in advance. There's nothing worse than having to buy it when abroad, the prices are ridiculous and you'll feel well and truly ripped off!

Currency - Unfortunately there's not alot we can do about the currency exchange rate, however comparing exchange rates could save you a few pounds. It is what it is and is usually best to exchange before you travel, the airports always give a lower rate as do most hotels and resorts.

Packing your suitcase - Packing your case can be a very traumatic experience. Will it be too heavy? Have I packed everything I need? Should I really take that? Do I roll or do I fold? It's an absolute nightmare! So packing early like I do is a must. It'll leave you feeling satisfied that you've packed everything you need, but you can relax before you travel instead of running around last minute shoving stuff in where you can.

This organized, slightly erratic method works for me, however, it may actually end up costing me more. There are plenty of late deals to be had if you just bide your time and hold out as long as you can. But take my advice, prepare whatever you can and as much as you can before hand.

If you haven't booked your holiday yet, but see sun cream in the sale, buy it, you're getting a great deal. 
Make last minute packing easier with a holiday drawer, have everything ready in one place to plonk straight in the case.If you get chance before leaving for your holiday, nip down to the post office to change your currency, they usually have great rates.

Travel insurance can be booked the day before you travel, but make sure you have your policy number and an emergency contact number in case you need to use it.

There are loads of last minute deals out there just waiting to be found, it just takes some hard work and patience and you could end up saving a fortune! So have a look online today, check the internet, phone through to call centers and start comparing the prices to see what's the best late deal you can find.

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We welcome article submissions from writers - Guide to Article Submissions

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