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South Yorshire Magazine Articles

The LayStar South Yorshire magazine and news gazette is a free online creative writing resource for great stories, imaginative literary articles, travel guides, business articles along with news and gossip for South Yorshire.

LayStar welcomes article submission from new and experienced writers. Submit articles on general themes like bedtime stories, gardening and business advice. Submit articles of a local interest to South Yorshire, such as local gossip and news and places of interest in South Yorshire. You could also promote your business by writing an article about the industry that you serve.

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After The Parade Is Over

By: Mark Robson
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Category: Local Gazette
Coverage: National

Read After The Parade Is Over by Mark Robson

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5 Military Horses Are Formally Retired From A Lifetime Of Service. On Friday 3rd August 2012 The Horse Trust in Speen, Buckinghamshire, welcomed five very special new residents all retiring from the Military after many years of service, and one of the busiest ceremonial seasons of recent years.

Eat The Right Foods At The Menopause

By: Norma Goldman
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Category: Health and Fitness
Coverage: National

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Eating a balanced diet can keep you healthy at any age, but is particularly important as you approach the menopause. There are certain foods that can help to protect you against osteoporosis and heart disease and possibly even reduce your hot flushes and night sweats.

Portsmouth Roller Wenches!

By: Sean Kennedy-Referee
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Category: Sports
Coverage: National

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Portsmouth Roller Wenches are the only Roller Derby league in Portsmouth and are holding their first open Home bout at Havant leisure Centre on 4th August. Check out our website for all information!

Cotwolds Charm

By: Susan Claremont-Smith
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Category: Travel Guide
Coverage: National

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Our first port of call over our August Bank Holiday break was Bourton-On- the Water. The coach driver dropped us off in a dull car park at the back of the town and pointed out the pathway to the centre. Rain came down in shards. We peeped out from under an umbrella as the path ended and were amazed at the prettiest village green I have ever seen, bordered with tiny shops - but the best was yet to come...

Contentious, True And Inspiring Books

By: Strand Publishing
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Category: Publishing
Coverage: National

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From Strand Publishing Ltd, “The warm heart of London, The true heart of Publishing”

We always search for talented writers from diverse backgrounds and the fact that we look for, and are finding true and controversial topics definitely sets us apart. We are proud to present you with our two new truly amazing and must read books.

Am I Too Old For Leggings?

By: Taunton Boutique
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Category: Women
Coverage: National

Read Am I Too Old For Leggings? by Taunton Boutique

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As the manager of a Fashion Boutique I am often asked
by my customers 'am I too old for leggings?'
Each time I categorically answer with ‘absolutely not!’

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BBC News - UK
The latest stories from the UK section of the BBC News web site.

Ebola fight hit by aid cuts, MPs warn
Cuts in the amount of health aid the UK provides to Liberia and Sierra Leone have "compromised the fight" to stop the spread of the Ebola virus, MPs warn.

RAF Tornados bomb IS pickup truck
RAF jets conduct fresh strikes against Islamic State in Iraq, carrying out a precision bombing attack on an armed pickup truck.

Wonga to write off £220m in debts
Payday lender Wonga says it is writing off £220m of debts for 330,000 customers after putting in place new affordability checks.

Alice Gross post-mortem to resume
A post-mortem examination on the body of murdered 14-year-old Alice Gross will resume later.

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