LayStar Submissions

Location, Location !

All LayStar articles and other items such as events, directory and property adverts, are location based. First things first then, find the city, town or village that is best associated with what you are submitting, e.g. you live in Manchester, but the article you want to share is all about your holiday in Newquay in Cornwall.

I have an article I would like to submit, but it isn't associated with a location. What do I do? In this case, you simply search for the town or vilage where you live, because the article is now about the author, be it a story, a poem or a passage of journalism. We link the author to a location.


It is simple to submit articles and such like to LayStar.

Once the location is locked in, a link will be visible near the top of each main page like, ‘submit material to the LayStar Magazine’. Click the link and follow the on-screen guide from there on.

Please note that you will need to register and set up an account with LayStar for most submissions. This enables you to manage your submission at any time in the future. This is free and we promise not to bombard you with spammy emails.