Directory Pages

This guide explains how to search for businesses, attractions and services that are listed in the LayStar web directory.

Directory Search

A search is best started by first finding a British location.

LayStar is UK location-based. A location could be a village or town such as Luton, or it could be a county, such as Bedfordshire. A location could also be found by using a UK postcode.

The location search form is located at the upper-left corner of the Directory pages. most As well as location fields, there are also search fields related to a directory search. For example, category search fields.

Location / Postcode field - enter a UK village, town, city or county, or a UK postcode. The first few characters of a location or postcode may be used to widen the search. For examle TR will find all locations with postcodes starting TR.

Location or Postcode selectors - below the location field are two selectors. Click one to determine whether the search is by postcode or a location. Following the example above, unless selected, the TR search could produce postcodes starting TR or towns or cities starting TR.

If a UK location doesn't appear on LayStar, perhaps you could follow the process to submit it. LayStar grows with your input.

Directory Submission

It is simple to submit an advert to the LayStar Directory.

The first stage of the process is to get your location listed on LayStar if it isn’t already. You will need to enter a location that is associated with the attraction, service or business you are advertising.

Once the location is listed and selected, a link will be visible near the top of the Directory page, ‘submit an attraction or service to the LayStar Directory’. Click the link and follow the on-screen guide from there on.

Please note that you will need to register and set up an account with LayStar for Directory submissions. This enables you to manage your submission at any time in the future.