LayStar Home Page

LayStar is a magazine which has British Cities, towns and villages as its foundation. We want you to get the most out of LayStar and, to achieve this, your search starts with a location.

Start with a location

A LayStar location can be a village, town or city. LayStar locations are not smaller than a village, so hamlets and other parts of villages and towns are not recognised locations. However, you can associate such places with a village, town or city location and submit a welcome write-up.

The location search form is located at the upper-left corner of LayStar pages.

Location / Postcode field - enter a UK village, town, city, county or a UK postcode. The first few characters of a location or postcode may be used to widen the search. For example a postcode search of TR will find all locations with postcodes starting TR.

Location or Postcode selectors - below the location field are two selectors. Click one to determine whether the search is by postcode or a location. Following the example above, unless selected, the TR search could produce postcodes starting TR or locations starting TR.

County Search Links - Alternatively, use the County Search links to find locations known to LayStar in any of the counties listed.

LayStar will list all currently submitted locations that match your search. If yours is listed click the link to lock onto that location. Locking onto a location enables the upload of articles and other items.

If your UK location isn’t listed, you can follow the screen tips to suggest it. LayStar grows with your input.