What Articles to Send?

Location, Location !

LayStar is built upon British locations, and so a great place to start is to submit a write-up or a photo of your chosen location.

The location details are more important than you might consider. Let’s say that someone has submitted their tourist business advert into our Directory for a given location. When our readers see the advert, they might then want to find out more about the town where the attraction is based. Here is a chance to get the all-important location write-up submitted to make everything associated with it appear worthy of a visit.


LayStar Magazine is the place to get your articles published. We welcome submissions from all writers and covering any genre, provided it isn’t offensive. You could submit a story, poem, travel guide, journalism, point-of-view. There are so many options.

LayStar offers writers the opportunity to publish their works and thereby hone writing skills to write compelling articles that attract readers.

Please read our Guide to Article Submissions for further information.

Events and Notices

LayStar has an Events and Notices page for each listed location. Here, you can advertise local events such as gigs, festivals, coffe mornings, parish notices and the like. The list is extensive.


The LayStar Directory is for local businesses and attractions to advertise their services. It enables you to create an advert, associated by a given location, which is listed when readers visit the same location or a location in the same county.


LayStar enables you to advertise both domestic and commercial property and land for sales and rentals. Whether or not you are with an agent or you are the agent, you can advertise your property with LayStar to help promote it and move things along.

All this for free?

Yes. LayStar continues to offer all of the above for free. We are an independant magazine and we manage our revenue from advertising. It’s a simple model: the more worthy content that is submitted, the more readers we attract and the more adverts they see.